Reflective Paragraph: Make A Joyful Noise

Authors Poets Celebration Douglas County, GA

Authors Poets Celebration
Douglas County, GA

Make A Joyful Noise, Author Kathryn B. Kemp

Make A Joyful Noise highlights the significance and chronicles the journey of spiritual music from antiquity to contemporary. True to its title, exegetically this literary work expresses the instrumental and oral applause of God’s grandeur through Biblical history, early Christendom, the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Great Revival Period, to the salvivic and soulful Gospel Music era.  This treatise comprehensively and rivetingly captures the experiential lament of distress, the lyrical war-cry of injustice, the Negro spiritual musical – poetic battle against slavery, the evolution, association, chiasma, and progression between jazz, blues, and gospel music, and the sound, signal, and march for freedom. The author gleaned invaluable qualitative information through interviews from past and living legends, griots, and notable artists in the music industry which adds richness, life, authenticity, reliability, and credibility to this great read. This work accentuates the voluminous and distinguishing contributions of Thomas Dorsey, “Father of Gospel Music” and James Cleveland, “The Crown Prince of Gospel Music” that characterizes the genre of Gospel Music. “Make A Joyful Noise” is an excellent reference of Gospel Music immersed with historical, Scriptural, musical, cultural, didactical, and theological perspectives.

Christopher Toote, PhD., DMin                                                                                            Executive Pastor, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church                                                            Greek Professor, Chicago Baptist Institute International                                                        Advisory Board, Impact Ministries                                                                                Administrator, The University of Chicago

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